The Benefits of NetworkingThe Benefits of Networking

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The Benefits of Networking

Growing up, I was a shy individual. My quiet personality didn’t change when I entered college. However, I quickly learned the importance of making contacts and networking. Therefore, I pushed myself to be friendlier. One of my accounting courses required me to attend a meeting of local certified public accountants. When I discovered the person I was talking to worked at the local hospital, I mentioned a job announcement I’d seen in the newspaper. The next day, I got a job offer for an internship at the hospital. This college experience helped launch a successful accounting career. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of networking during college.

Going To Church College: How To Stay Strong In Your Catholic Faith

Many parents and teens alike struggle with the distance that undergraduate school can bring. Even at a well-respected catholic school, young people will find their beliefs and values challenged by new ideas and world views. In fact, one publication worries that Catholic schools, as well as other colleges, can often cause students to lose their way and change their course. If you want to receive the best education possible, while remaining firm in the faith, you can do a few things to hold fast to the traditions you have grown to love, if you choose to do so. Read More