The Benefits of NetworkingThe Benefits of Networking

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The Benefits of Networking

Growing up, I was a shy individual. My quiet personality didn’t change when I entered college. However, I quickly learned the importance of making contacts and networking. Therefore, I pushed myself to be friendlier. One of my accounting courses required me to attend a meeting of local certified public accountants. When I discovered the person I was talking to worked at the local hospital, I mentioned a job announcement I’d seen in the newspaper. The next day, I got a job offer for an internship at the hospital. This college experience helped launch a successful accounting career. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of networking during college.

What To Do If Your Child Wants To Become A Pilot

If your child has told you that he or she is interested in being a pilot, you could be quite excited about this potential career choice. You probably want to do everything that you can to encourage your son or daughter in working toward his or her goal, but you could be unsure of how to do so. These are a few steps that you can take to help encourage a child who wants to be a pilot one day. Read More