The Benefits of NetworkingThe Benefits of Networking

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The Benefits of Networking

Growing up, I was a shy individual. My quiet personality didn’t change when I entered college. However, I quickly learned the importance of making contacts and networking. Therefore, I pushed myself to be friendlier. One of my accounting courses required me to attend a meeting of local certified public accountants. When I discovered the person I was talking to worked at the local hospital, I mentioned a job announcement I’d seen in the newspaper. The next day, I got a job offer for an internship at the hospital. This college experience helped launch a successful accounting career. On this blog, you will discover the benefits of networking during college.

Tips For Writing A Successful First College Essay

With fall rapidly approaching, you may be preparing for your first semester at college. With those new college classes will come requirements like college essays. If you're new to writing at this level, it's easy to feel intimidated and potentially have a hard time getting started. Before you put it off till the last minute and then rush together something that isn't your best work, consider putting an action plan in place. Read More